How do I connect my Olympus camera to my computer wirelessly?

Connect Olympus Tough TG-5 with your computer via Wifi

  1. Start Olympus camera by pressing “on”
  2. Press Menu/Wi-Fi button. …
  3. “Select Wi-Fi Connection” appears. …
  4. Choose “Private Connection”
  5. Disconnect your laptop from your internet connection router.
  6. Reconnect your laptop with the SSID which is shown on your Olympus TG5.


What is Olympus capture?

Olympus Capture is a tethering application which connects compatible Olympus products to a computer for a more satisfying studio photography experience. You can control the shutter release, camera settings, and transfer of photos either from the camera itself or the tethered computer.

How do I connect my Olympus camera to my Iphone?

Which Olympus cameras have pro Capture mode?

You can find Pro Capture Mode on the:

  • OM-D E-M1X.
  • OM-D E-M1 Mark III.
  • OM-D E-M1 Mark II.
  • OM-D E-M5 Mark III.
  • Tough TG-6.

How do you tether with Olympus?

Is Olympus OMD good for video?

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III is a handsome, well-built camera with a stabilized 20MP Four Thirds sensor and robust feature sets for both stills and video. The E-M5 III’s updated controls more closely mimic the company’s higher-end models, are highly customizable and make it enjoyable to take control over the camera.

How do you take a video on the Olympus camera?

Does Olympus TG 6 have Bluetooth?

The TG-6 is equipped with Wi-Fi, for quick uploading of photos and videos any time you have a connection. You can also share files and control the camera remotely via built-in Bluetooth.

How do I transfer photos from Olympus camera to iPad? Import photos and videos to iPad

  1. Insert the camera adapter or card reader into the Lightning or USB-C connector on iPad.
  2. Do one of the following:
  3. Open Photos on your iPad, then tap Import.
  4. Select the photos and videos you want to import, then select your import destination.

How do I use Olympus WiFi?

With the Olympus Image Share application you can connect your Olympus camera to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

  1. Step 1: download the Olympus Image Share application.
  2. Step 2: open the Olympus Image Share start screen.
  3. Step 3: connect your smart device to the camera.

How do you use the Olympus camera?

What is Olympus pink app?

iOS: 11 – 14 / iPadOS: 13 – 14 / Android: 6.0 – 11. Olympus Image Palette (OI. Palette) is a photo editing app that lets you edit your photos using features such as Art Filter, Color Creator, and Highlight & Shadow Control, made popular on Olympus digital interchangeable lens cameras such as the OM-D and PEN series.

Do Olympus cameras have GPS?

Here we have listed the Best 5 Olympus Cameras with GPS sorted by score. Olympus E-M1X is at the top of our list with a Overall Score of 78, followed by Olympus TG-6 and Olympus TG-5.

What is Olympus app?

Manage your images and track data imported to your smartphone as single Activities. Relive the excitement of the moment and the feeling of accomplishment by viewing the track data together with your images. * On Android devices, 4K videos will be resized and saved as Full HD videos.

How do I use Olympus Image Track? Track to start logging a track. Take pictures with your Olympus.

So here’s how to use it.

  1. Install the free Olympus Image Track app from your phone’s app store.
  2. In OI.
  3. Turn on Wi-Fi on your Olympus camera by tapping the Wi-Fi icon at the top-left of the screen:
  4. Tap “Start Setup” in OI.Track to make the connection:

Do cameras have trackers? It’s been established that most cameras today do not have a built-in GPS feature. There are still other ways to geotag images and gather location information that can be used later.

How do I turn on WiFi on my Olympus camera?

Press Menu to get back to the Live View screen. Tap Wi-Fi on the touch screen, Wi-Fi Starting should appear for a few seconds before displaying connection details. On your iOS device, open Settings and navigate to Wi-Fi, select the WiFi network and enter the password that’s display on your camera’s screen.

What is Oi share?

OM Image Share (OI. Share) is an app required for wirelessly importing photos captured on an OM SYSTEM camera. In addition to importing photos, you can use your smartphone as a remote controller for remote shooting. You can also manipulate images and add location information to recorded images.

How do I use Oi shares?

Press the Wi-Fi pairing button on the camera and when asked, give the app permission to share access to your smartphone camera. Follow the on screen prompts and you should find that your phone makes a connection with your camera via Bluetooth.

What does Olympus Pro Capture do?

Olympus introduced a new feature called Pro Capture mode with the OM-D E-M1 Mark II. It makes it easier to capture moments that last for just a split second so it’s useful for sport or action. In Pro Capture mode, the camera uses its electronic shutter to enable shooting at up to 60fps (frames per second).

What is Olympus Live Composite?

Olympus’s amazing Live Composite feature helps you take the guess work out of long exposure photography – making issues with over-exposure a thing of the past. You can find Live Composite Mode in most current OM-D, PEN and TOUGH Olympus cameras.

How do I set up Pro capture?

How do you use Olympus Pro capture?

How do you use Olympus e500?

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