How do I make my photos look professional on eBay?

9 Tips on How to Take Photos for eBay

  1. Avoid Camera Shake.
  2. Make Sure the Picture’s Big Enough.
  3. Set up a Clean Background.
  4. Find or Create Even Lighting.
  5. Eliminate Clutter.
  6. Take Up All the Space.
  7. Get Every Angle.
  8. Follow eBay’s Requirements.


How do you take good pictures for eBay listings?

Here’s how to get the best lighting for eBay photos:

  1. Take eBay photos with an iPhone.
  2. Take your eBay photos in a well lit, shaded area.
  3. Have bright, even lighting.
  4. Avoid mid-day, direct sunlight.
  5. Look for a shaded area, or take images inside, near a window, for soft light.

How do you take good photos to sell?

Don’t get too artsy

  1. Fill the frame. Whatever you’re shooting should take up as much space in the photograph as possible.
  2. Shoot at a slight angle, rather than straight on.
  3. Show the object properly.
  4. Take lots of photos.
  5. Watch the background.
  6. Don’t use portrait or HDR mode.
  7. Only take photos during the day.

What size ring light do I need for product photography?

A 10-inch light is great for smaller products such as photographing skincare products. An 18-inch light is a much better lighting source when you need to photograph larger products. Another advantage of a larger ring light is that it becomes easier for you to put your camera or camera lens through the ring.

What light should I use for product photography?

Continuous lighting is often the most popular solution when it comes to product photography. The best examples of continuous lighting include: LED video lights. Fluorescent mercury vapor tubes.

Is a ring light worth it?

The answer is yes – these are designed specifically for this purpose! There are a few reasons they work so well. First of all, the type of light used in these is optimized to get as close to natural lighting from the sun as possible. This helps your features pop, and gives you a great natural look.

How many megapixels do I need for product photography?

When it comes to purchasing a camera for product photography, an important factor to consider is megapixels. Cameras with a larger number of megapixels will produce bigger and higher quality prints. Typically you will be looking for a camera with around 10-20 megapixels, but any more is an added bonus.

Do you need a macro lens for product photography?

While standard and wide-angle lenses do have their place in product photography, if you’re shooting extremely small or complex products, you need a macro lens. A macro lens is basically a magnifying glass for cameras. They are optimized for shooting microscopic subjects and capable of capturing extreme close-ups.

Is LED lighting good for product photography? If you’re a product photographer, LED lights may be suitable for your work, as long as you don’t mind working in a darkened studio. However, you won’t be able to shoot products with splashes or any other form of movement as easily.

Is a ring light good for eBay photos?

We know ring lights are a great tool for photographers, but are they good for product photography specifically? The simple answer is, yes! Ring lights are great for getting the perfect glow on whatever product you’re photographing.

Is a 10-inch ring light Good?

A 10-inch ring light is suitable for close-ups. If you mostly film makeup tutorials, you do not need a light that can brighten an entire room. If you need to fill a room or outdoor space with light, consider getting an 18-inch ring light. The larger size will help illuminate a large area and more of the background.

Why are my eBay photos blurry?

It doesn’t matter that the original images appear fine to you on your phone and desktop other than to rule out that they were corrupt to begin with prior to upload. If they were, or if eBay had mangled them during processing, we would all see them blurry.

Should eBay photos be square?

Best Photo Size/Dimensions for Ebay & Mobile Devices

Are square photos compatible with mobile devices.

Which brand is best for ring light?

The best ring lights available now

  1. Joby Beamo 12-inch Ring Light. The best ring light overall.
  2. Neewer Table Top 10-inch USB LED Ring Light.
  3. Neewer 20-inch LED Ring Light Kit.
  4. Mactrem LED Ring Light 6″
  5. Neewer 12-inch RGB Ring Light.
  6. Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit.
  7. Ivisii 19 inch Ring Light.
  8. Rotolight Neo 2.

Why do YouTubers use ring lights? Ring lights enable YouTubers to produce beautiful professional-looking shots. They take up much less space than almost any other video lighting kit. The lights produce a wash of even and shadowless soft light that wraps around the subject and helps hide any skin imperfections.

What’s the best ring light size? Smaller ring lights, such as 10-12 inches are ideal for using for smaller subjects such as products and for fairly close-up selfies. They’re also great to use with smaller content creation devices, such as mobile phones and the type of premium compact cameras that are often favoured by vloggers.

What is the best size for eBay photos?

The best size for eBay product photos is 800-1600 pixels on one side. This allows users to use the zoom in function to see product details.

Can I use Manufacturer photos on eBay?

If you upload text, video or photos created by someone else to eBay, you must have explicit written permission to use them on eBay from anyone that has any rights to that content. If you don’t, your item may be removed by the owner of the content through the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program.

What type of photos sell best?

5 Things the Best-Selling Photos of People Have in Common

  1. Single Photos Sell Better than Group Shots. This one really surprised us.
  2. Candid Photos Sell Better than Posed Shots.
  3. Wide Shots Sell Better than Closeups.
  4. Looking Away is Better than Facing the Camera.
  5. Unidentified Subjects Sell Better.

How do I take photos for the marketplace?

E-Commerce Product Photography Tips for Facebook Marketplace

  1. Get the Item Camera Ready.
  2. Fill the Frame.
  3. Shoot in Natural Light.
  4. Omit Other Objects.
  5. Stage the Item.
  6. Include Several Detailed Shots.
  7. Don’t Use Stock Photography.
  8. Keep it Steady.

How can I do a product shoot at home?

How do you take pictures of objects for sale?

Here are 16 tips for a clean, clear, and effective photograph for your next listing.

  1. Give it a quick clean.
  2. Use even lighting.
  3. Be wary of using flash.
  4. Use a plain background.
  5. Ensure background contrasts with image.
  6. Remove any clutter from photo.
  7. Have your item fill the frame.
  8. Shoot image at a slight angle.

Do ring lights make pictures look better?

The most common use for ring lights is in portrait photography. The most appealing benefit to using a led ring light is that it helps to eliminate harsh shadows. For portraits, being able to provide soft, even lighting on the face is crucial.

What is the cost of ring light? ₹1,000 – ₹5,000 – Macro & Ringlight Flashes / Flashes: Electronics.

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