How do I update my Thinkware q800 pro?

Updating the Firmware on Mac

  1. Remove the SD card from your dash cam. …
  2. Format the SD card. …
  3. Open your web browser and go to and select “Support”, then “Downloads”.
  4. Select your dash cam model and download the firmware file.
  5. Once the download is complete, open the ZIP file to unzip it.
  6. Open the unzipped folder.


Is Thinkware reliable?

The Thinkware Dashcams are very reliable and perform exactly as described. The Dual Cam F200 exceeded my expectations without busting my budget.

How do I format Thinkware?

Hold the REC Button for 5 seconds until the Dash Cam announces that the Format will now begin. Hold the REC Button for 5 seconds until the Dash Cam announces that the Format will now begin. Tap the Format Button.

Where are Thinkware cameras made?

Established in Korea in 1997, Thinkware goes beyond the basics – from the highest quality optics including Sony STARVIS image sensors to smart driver assistance with collision warning, advanced parking surveillance modes, thermal protection for use in hot climates, and up to 4K resolution.

Does Thinkware U1000 record speed?

Yes, the Thinkware U1000 has a built-in GPS module so it will be able to track your speed and record it too. You can even play it back through the Thinkware Cloud app and get all the information you need from it.

Is Thinkware a US company?

Thinkware is located in Seongnam, Kyonggi-do, South Korea .

How do I get Thinkware dash cam footage?

Where do you mount Thinkware U1000?

How do I update Thinkware U1000? U1000 Firmware

Insert the MicroSD card into your dash cam and power it on. Wait for the camera to announce, “Upgrade is now complete, continuous recording will now start.

How do I connect to Thinkware q800?

How do I connect via hotspot on the Thinkware Q800PRO?

  1. Write Down your smartphone’s SSID (username) and Password for your Hotspot.
  2. Open the Thinkware Cloud App and press the “Not Connected” Bar on the Main Screen.
  3. Select Connect with another Device, then select your Dash Cam model.
  4. Select Connect via Hotspot.

How do you use a Thinkware dash cam U1000?

Can I connect my dash cam to my phone?

Most Dash Cam Apps are iOS (iPhone) or Android compatible. The Dash Cam’s Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone does not cost anything.

How do I connect Thinkware to my phone?

Can Thinkware connect to home Wi-Fi?

Connecting to your Thinkware Dash Cam via Wi-Fi allows you to view dash cams files, alter the settings and see the live view. Your smartphone will connect to the dash cams built-in Wi-Fi network to connect you to our Thinkware Cloud Application.

What is Thinkware U1000? The U1000 is Thinkware’s newest flagship model that delivers sharp native 4K video quality and boasts a comprehensive driver assistance warning system to help keep drivers safe on the road.

How do I connect my Thinkware dash cam to Wi-Fi?

How do I update my Dash Cam firmware?

Updating the Program

  1. Turn off the power of device by turning off the ignition of the vehicle.
  2. Insert the SD card in the device.
  3. Turn on the power of device by turning on the ignition of the vehicle.
  4. Press the [OK] button to start the firmware update.
  5. The device will automatically show “Firmware updating

Why won’t my dash cam connect to my phone?

Turn off the Wi-Fi of your smartphone. Also, turn OFF the dashcam’s Wi-Fi by pressing the Wi-Fi button on the side of the dashcam, wait for 10~15 seconds and press the button once again to turn it back on. Now turn on your smartphone’s Wi-Fi and try to connect to the dashcam.

How do I connect my rexing dash cam to WIFI?

How do I update my Cobra 480i?

Run (double click on Cobra update setup.exe) to install onto your PC and follow the InstallShield Wizard instructions. A desktop icon (Cobra Software Update) will be created on your desktop. 4. To update the firmware in the iRAD, connect the iRAD to your PC using a standard USB-A to USB-micro cable.

How do I read my rexing dash cam on my computer?

To view videos on your computer or mobile device, remove the memory card with your recordings from the camera, then access them on your device using a card reader. You can also use the included mini-USB computer cable to connect your camera directly to your computer to read the files off the memory card.

Can you use any SD card for Thinkware dash cam?

We suggest only using genuine Thinkware Micro SD cards in your Thinkware Dash Cam. Genuine Thinkware Micro SD Cards are sold separately and are available in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. Please Note: Only F800PRO supports 128GB Micro SD card.

What is Thinkware WIFI password?

**The Default Wi-Fi password for all Wi-Fi-enabled Thinkware Dash Cams is “123456789”.

How do I format my Thinkware dash cam SD card? Using the Thinkware Mobile App

From the mobile viewer, tap Dash Cam Settings > Memory Card Settings and tap the Format button under Formatting Memory Card.

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