How long will batteries last in SPYPOINT camera?

We recommend charging the battery pack for a maximum of 12 hours. The 12V is an external battery pack that provides an extra-long life to most of our device models. It can be used in addition to AA batteries or the SPYPOINT lithium battery packs, as a supplemental source of power..

Is SPYPOINT Verizon or AT&T?

The Spypoint Link Micro is a 4G/LTE Verizon cellular camera.

How many batteries does a SPYPOINT camera take?

The camera can be powered by 8 AA batteries (1.5 V).

What does a SPYPOINT camera do?

The LINK-MICRO-LTE from SPYPOINT pairs the most popular cellular trail camera in years, with the ultra-reliable LTE cellular network. The LINK-MICRO-LTE is a remarkably compact and affordable cellular trail camera, challenging traditional expectations of performance and value the hunter can expect from a camera.

How long does it take to charge a SPYPOINT camera?

Using the included micro-USB cable and a 5 V wall outlet charger (not included), recharge the battery pack for about 12 hours. Once the lithium pack is fully charged, the red light will turn green. After unlocking the latch and opening the camera door, insert the battery pack in the compartment (see photo).

Where is the activation code for SPYPOINT?

The activation code is located inside the CELL-LINK’s battery compartment door. To activate your device, you have two choices: you can either do it via the SPYPOINT app or via our website

How much is Spypoint Cell-Link a month?

Fees range from a free plan for 100 photos a month to $15 per month (month-to-month, $10 with annual contract) for unlimited images. The Cell-Link is powered by eight AA batteries and requires a user-supplied microSD card.


Spypoint LINK-MICRO-LTE Overview

Measuring just 4.4 x 3.1 x 2.2″, the LINK-MICRO-LTE transmits 10MP photos via AT&T LTE data plans.

Are cellular trail cameras worth it? To put it simply, yes. These trail cameras are worth it for anyone who regularly relies on them for hunting, wildlife watching and photography or home security. For a long time, using a trail camera involved weekly or monthly treks to it to retrieve your SD card that — with any luck — was filled with clear thumbnails.

Can you put rechargeable batteries in SPYPOINT camera?

SPYPOINT sells compatible rechargeable lithium battery packs depending on the model you have. If you install your device in a cold location, we strongly suggest that you choose lithium batteries because they are more resistant to temperature changes. You can also use a 12 V battery with all our products.

How do I know when SPYPOINT battery charged?

To charge the battery, connect it to a USB generic charger using the included micro USB charging cable. While charging, the battery’s red light will remain lit. It will turn green once the battery is fully charged. This lithium battery is compatible with all SPYPOINT LINK-MICRO cameras and the CELL-LINK.

How much does it cost to run a SPYPOINT camera?


The Basic plan costs $4 per month when paid annually and $5 per month when paid monthly. It gets you 250 photos each month. The Standard plan includes 1,000 monthly pictures at $7 per month when paid annually and $10 when month-to-month.

How many cameras can you have on SPYPOINT one plan?

How many cameras can I run on one data plan? A data plan is only valid for one camera at a time.

Does SPYPOINT save pictures to SD card?

Yes, the original photos are stored on the Micro SD card (Sold separately) inside of the CELL-LINK. The pictures sent to the APP are a lower resolution, Full resolution can be sent when buying a FULL-HD package.

Where are SPYPOINT trail cameras made? Spypoint is a Canadian based company with distribution facilities in both the US and Canada. Spypoint cameras are assembled in North America using parts sourced from North America and Asia.

How do you buy more pictures on SPYPOINT? You can purchase your photo plan from the SPYPOINT mobile app:

  1. Open the SPYPOINT app.
  2. Login to your SPYPOINT account.
  3. Select Cameras tab.
  4. Select Plans for the device you wish to purchase a plan.
  5. Select BUY NOW for the plan of your choice.
  6. Enter your payment information*.

Does the SPYPOINT app cost money?

Free to download and easy to use, the SPYPOINT App is a complete management and scouting tool to help save you time and money, and make you more successful in the field.

How often do SPYPOINT cameras communicate?

Each device, when turned ON, should communicate at least once every day. If you have missed 4 or more consecutive communications, you will need to access your device to troubleshoot.

How long do cellular trail camera batteries last?

Picture Battery Life

For cellular cameras, we make it 15-day and 15-night pictures.

Where is SPYPOINT located?

Overview Suggest Edit

Type Private
Founded 2004
HQ Victoriaville, CA

Do you have to have Verizon for SPYPOINT?

Spypoint Link S Cellular Trail Camera Review

You do NOT need a Verizon cell phone, any carrier’s phone would work for retrieval. It is only important that the Link-S Verizon has 3 or more bars of Verizon reception.

Will SPYPOINT work with WiFi?

The WiFi setup is done with the camera LCD and pushbotton controls, and won’t accept a key that has spaces in it. Spypoint WiFi only uploads in 640×480 (full size images are stored on the camera) and requires that you have an agent running on a Windows PC to accept uploads (a proprietary network protocol is used).

How do I activate my SPYPOINT camera?

Insert the LIT-10 battery, change the battery setting within the SPYPOINT app to LIT-10 and ensure the transfer frequency is at each detection. Power ON the camera and complete another sync with the servers to save the battery setting into the camera and wait for ALL camera lights to turn off.

What is transfer frequency on SPYPOINT camera? Quick Note: The “Transfer Frequency” tells the camera how quickly to send photos and check for setting changes. If you do not need instant picture delivery, set this to either 1, 2, 6, or 12 times a day. The less often it uploads pictures, the longer your batteries will last!

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