How many pages can you put in a 12×12 Creative Memories album?

They come filled with 16 pages with pre-printed designs and feature our exclusive Flex-Hinge® binding so the album will lie flat for easy viewing. They also come with a lifetime guarantee..

How do you make a 12 by 12 scrapbook?

When did Creative Memories change album size?

I just found this out tonight. March 1st, CM albums and paper will be a true 12×12. The other albums and papers are being phased out to give people enough time to finish albums with the old papers, refills and sheet protectors.

How do you make a 12×12 paper storage?

Where can I copy 12×12 scrapbook pages?

If you have an Archiver’s Store near you, I know they can do 12×12 copies.and they look as good as the original. RE: Cynderellaj: If you have an Archiver’s Store near you, I know they can do 12×12 copies.and they look as good as the original.

How do I organize my scrapbook supplies?

Plastic drawers of any size are great for storing and organizing scrapbooking supplies. The bonus to many of these drawers is they easily stack on top of each other so you can build a tower of supplies. There are a variety of sizes – some that even fit the 12×12 size paper.

How do you make a scrapbook paper organizer?

How do you store lots of paper?

For optimal efficiency, it’s crucial to store papers in a hanging-file system. Put each category of papers in a separate folder and store them in a filing cabinet or upright in a filing box placed on a shelf. Storing them this way makes it easy for you to see how many papers you have.

Can you scan 12×12? Standard sized scrapbooks are easily scannable on any of the scanners with a 12×12 size capacity or more than that. If your pages are larger, then consider the size accordingly.

How many pages should I put in a Creative Memories album?

I personally recommend putting no more than 45 pages per album (that is 90 sides). Some people really max out their albums and that can put stress on the bindings. Refill Pages come in packs of 16 and include 16 Page Protectors. Refill Pages come in plain White, Spargo, Natural and Black.

How do you store 12×12 scrapbook paper?

What is a flex hinge album?

Our exclusive Flex-Hinge® albums feature binding that lays flat, making it incredibly easy to view and enjoy your album pages for years to come. And, because they are expandable to fit up to 3 of any combination of our page packs, you’ll be able to tell the whole story in just one album. Pages sold separately.

How do I add a creative memory album together?

Can you copy a scrapbook?

Copying a scrapbook

If you’ve got a printer, a flatbed scanner, and an image-editing program, you’re well on your way to making beautiful copies of your albums. Since HP all-in-ones can print, scan, copy, and (often) fax, they’re handy tools for making copies of scrapbooks. Not to mention that they’re spacesavers too!

How do I make a scrapbook on Shutterfly?

  1. Create an Account/Sign in. Visit and set up a free Shutterfly account or.
  2. Add/Upload Images into your Account.
  3. Select Photo Book Size/Select Print My Digital Scrapbook Occasion.
  4. Get Images.
  5. Drag and Drop Images into Pages.
  6. Drag and Drop Images into Cover and Spine.
  7. Preview.
  8. Order.

Should paper be stored flat? Store paper in a storage cabinet or flat shelf – For paper storage, always keep unused paper in a dry, flat storage cabinet where it can be protected from physical damage and the elements. Always stack the paper evenly on top of the other to avoid curling, bending or damage to the corners of the paper.

How do I organize my scrapbook paper?

Did Creative Memories go out of business?

Creative Memories had financial difficulties in 2009 and 2013 and was liquidated by a bank-appointed receiver in 2014. The company’s assets were purchased by serial entrepreneur, Caleb Hayhoe, and the new Creative Memories was launched in November 2014.

How do you store Creative Memories albums?

We recommend that you safely store your albums in a comfortable environment: 77 degrees Fahrenheit, 25 degrees Celsius, or less with 20 to 50% relative humidity, and in an upright (or vertical) position.

What is the point of scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative crafting activity to document precious memories, keep souvenirs and mementos, and channel your inner artist. Even in our fast-paced digital world, creating your own personalized scrapbook album remains a popular way of preserving memories.

Is scrapbooking expensive?

“Scrapbooking is expensive because you need to buy so many materials.” “I don’t even know where to start, there are too many things that you need for scrapbooking.”

Who is the owner of Creative Memories?

Caleb Hayhoe, chairman of Flowerdale Group Ltd., is the new owner of the Creative Memories and Ahni & Zoe brands, patents, artwork, products and manufacturing equipment in North America.

Do people still do Creative Memories?

After undergoing two bankruptcies within five years only to close its doors in 2014, the iconic Creative Memories (CM) brand has reopened with new ownership and a streamlined direct sales strategy.

How do I label a creative memory album?

How do you make money scrapbooking?

How do you organize a scrapbook?

How to organize your scrapbooks

  1. Chronological in page protectors: If you’re mostly scrapping this year, then an “in date order” method might work great for you.
  2. Chronological in photo books: Some prefer to print their layouts in hard-bound books, usually based on a specific time period or even a single event.

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