Is Samsung S21 ultra camera good?

With a DXOMARK Camera overall score of 123, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Snapdragon) achieves two points more than the Exynos model but is still some ways off the current best-in-class models and doesn’t make it into our current top ten ranking. Its Photo score of 129 is one point higher than for the Exynos device..

Which camera is better iPhone 13 or Galaxy S21?

What phone is better than S21 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the OnePlus 9 Pro are the two best Android phones around right now.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

OnePlus 9 Pro Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Screen size 6.7-inch AMOLED (3168 x 1440) 6.8 inches AMOLED (3200 x 1400)
Refresh rate 1Hz to 120Hz 10Hz to 120Hz
CPU Snapdragon 888 Snapdragon 888
RAM 8GB, 12GB 12GB, 16GB

• Sep 24, 2021

Is the iPhone camera better than the S21 ultra?

The iPhone 12 Pro Max quite comfortably takes the win here — its shot is brighter and with less image noise than the image from the S21 Ultra.

Is iPhone 13 Pro camera better than Samsung?

iPhone 13 Pro vs Samsung S22 Ultra: Image quality

Low light performance is good from both. It seems that the standard lens from the iPhone puts in the better performance, but the ultra wide is just a little better from the Samsung.

Does the iPhone 12 or the Samsung 21 have a better camera?

The Galaxy S21 has a dedicated 64-megapixel telephoto camera that can zoom to a 30x magnification while the iPhone 12 doesn’t. You have to jump up to the $999 iPhone 12 Pro to get a telephoto camera.

Which is better iPhone 12 Pro Max vs S21 Ultra?

iPhone 12 Pro Max: Overall winner. Apple and Samsung have never been so close. The iPhone 12 Pro Max narrowly wins this face-off with the Galaxy S21 Ultra based on the strength of its performance and better overall image quality. The iPhone’s design is also a little more durable and easier to handle with its flat edges

Which Android camera is better than iPhone?

1. Google Pixel 6: The best phone camera yet. Jumping to the top of the podium, the Pixel 6’s cameras are simply remarkable. Featuring a brand-new 50MP sensor (as well as a 12MP ultrawide), the Pixel 6’s top-notch photographic capabilities yet again jump to the top of the list.

How many MP is Samsung S21 ultra camera? Not just that, but the S21 Ultra also can toggle between the highly dynamic 12MP camera and the 108 MP high-resolution camera sensor when necessary. I have had numerous people look at the back of the S21 Ultra and ask me if I have some kind of cyborg in my hands with that many camera sensors and lenses.

Why S21 Ultra camera is the best?

On the video front, the Galaxy S21 Ultra can record 8K video up to 30 fps and all of its cameras can capture 4K video at up to 60 fps. But the coolest video upgrade is Director’s View. There’s a new vlogger mode that lets you use the front and back cameras as the same time for recording video.

Which phone camera quality is best?

Best Camera Phones in India

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. (Source: dxomark)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. (Source: dxomark)
  3. Xiaomi Mi 10. (Source: xda-developers)
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. (Source: phonearena)
  5. OPPO Find X2 Pro. (Source: zdnet)
  6. Google Pixel 4A. (Source: complex)
  7. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  8. Apple iPhone 12.

Is the S22 camera better than the S21?

S22 has a brighter display. Faster chips in the S22, same 8GB RAM on both. Similar triple camera system with upgraded sensors on S22 . Better night video, portrait mode photos on S22.


Camera Specs Galaxy S22 Galaxy S21
Front Camera 10MP, f/2.2 aperture, 1/3.24″ sensor size (1.22um) 10MP, f/2.2 aperture (1.22um)

• Jun 15, 2022

Is there much difference between S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra?

The S22 Ultra can now achieve a peak brightness of 1,750 nits vs. the S21 Ultra’s 1,500 nits. In reality, you won’t notice it, and the biggest improvement is the refresh rate.

Does ‌iPhone 13 Pro‌ Max have 8K camera?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max doesn’t have some of the S21 Ultra’s wildest features. There’s no 960fps super slow-mo, and there’s no 8K recording.

Is an iPhone camera better than a DSLR? iPhones can automatically process a picture (computational photography) to make an image look great, but the overall quality is lower on an iPhone than on a DSLR camera. Of course, it still matters if you use a DSLR camera correctly to get a better image than an iPhone.

Which iPhone has the best camera quality? Apple iPhone 13 Pro

The iPhone 13 Pro is not just the latest and great iPhone, it’s also the best iPhone for photographers right now. Its triple-lens setup boasts a standard, ultra-wide and telephoto configuration, with 26mm, 13mm and 78mm equivalent focal lengths respectively.

Which is the best camera phone in 2022? Best Camera Phone Of 2022

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 5*
  • Huawei P40 Pro+
  • Galaxy S22/S22+ 5G 5*
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max.
  • OnePlus 9 Pro.
  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro.
  • iPhone 13 Pro.

What’s wrong with the S21 Ultra?

Galaxy S21 users are reporting abnormal battery drain, installation issues, notification issues, problems with first and third-party apps, UI lag, charging issues, data issues, screen refresh problems, issues with the camera app (the app has crashed numerous times on the Galaxy S21 in our possession), Wi-Fi problems,

Does the S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra have the same camera?

At first glance, the cameras on the S22 Ultra and S21 Ultra seem identical. On the back there are 108MP main, 12MP ultrawide, two 10MP telephoto cameras, plus a laser autofocus. On the front it’s a 40MP single selfie camera.

Why is S21 Ultra so slow?

My Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Android 11.0 is slow

If you’ve used many applications on the phone, it may get slow because the applications keep running in the background. Solution: End running applications. Press the Application key. To end one running application, slide your finger upwards on the required application.

Is Galaxy S21 ultra Too Big?

The Galaxy S21 is not likely to be too big for your hand, while the Ultra just might be, and that’s not just down to the screen size. The S21 is 1mm slimmer from front to back. That may not sound like much, but you can feel the difference.

Why does my S21 get hot?

This includes your Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and other wireless technologies. Obviously, if you have 5-6 applications running in the background all the time, your phone will most likely overheat with time due to processor and RAM usage. That is why so many users have recently reported Samsung S21 Ultra heating issues.

Is the S21 ultra worth it over the S21?

Then there’s the S21 Ultra, which is quite the upgrade over the other two S21 models. The phone sports a slightly larger display than the S21 Plus, has the highest resolution, packs the biggest battery, has better cameras, comes with more base RAM, is available with 512GB of storage, and supports the S Pen.

What can I buy instead of S21 Ultra?

The best Samsung Galaxy S21 alternatives

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. Eric Zeman / Android Authority.
  2. Samsung Galaxy S22 series. Eric Zeman / Android Authority.
  3. Xiaomi Mi 11. Eric Zeman / Android Authority.
  4. Apple iPhone 13 series. Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority.
  5. Google Pixel 6 series. Robert Triggs / Android Authority.
  6. OnePlus 9 Pro.

Which has the better camera iPhone 13 Pro Max or Galaxy S21 Ultra? The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s ultrawide camera is better in both daylight and low-light conditions, capturing higher details and better sharpness across the frame. The Galaxy S21 Ultra also wins in zoom performance. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is slightly better at capturing portrait images.

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