Is the Sony FX6 worth it?

Yes, the FX6 is a lot more expensive than an FX3, but in my opinion, it is far better suited to shooting video than an FX3 or an a7S III. The FX6 has SDI, BNC timecode, variable electronic ND, and the ability to load up user LUTs. This is something you won’t find on the FX3 or a7s III..

When did Sony FX6 come out?

Sony ILME-FX6. And so, the Sony ILME-FX6 launches officially on November 17 at 10 am EST.

How long does the Sony FX6 battery last?

Any word on battery life for video for the Sony FX6? You get 105 mins (1 hour 45 minutes) of operation with a BP-U35 battery and 215 mins (3 hour 35 minutes) of operation with a BP-U70 battery.

Does FX6 have SDI out?

The FX6 features a range of professional interfaces including independent 16 12G-SDI (supports 3G/6G-SDI) suitable for external 16-bit RAW recording as well as HDMI output for program monitoring.

Does FX6 have crop mode?

Sony FX6 Specs – Exmor R 10.2 megapixel 4K sensor

It’s important to note that there is no 4K crop mode for Super35mm on the FX6. This is also identical with the a7S III.

What media does the Sony FX6 use?

The FX6 takes both SDXC cards and CF Express Type A cards. Sony recommend using a CF Express Type A for the UHD 120fps. For 4K. The CF Express card support all frame rates, but they are expensive, as is the card reader.

Does the FX6 have a Super 35 mode?

No Super35mm 4K crop on FX6

Now there is one big caveat on all that with the FX6 – it does not have a Super35mm crop mode in 4K resolution. You can only crop to S35 in HD, and this is down to the native 4K resolution of the sensor.

Does the Sony FX6 have false color?

Overall, the size and ergonomics of the FX6 is what most video cameras have always had. The FX6 is the better camera for run and gun shoots.

Focus, exposure aids and ergonomics.

Camera Exposure
Sony FX6 Waveform, Exposure Index, Zebras, LUTs
Canon EOS C70 Waveform, Zebras, False Color

Dec 18, 2020

Does Sony Venice have autofocus? For added security with large lenses, the camera incorporates Sony’s professional lever lock E-mount system. The VENICE camera can control E-mount lens iris via assignable button, however Auto Focus and Auto Iris are not available. VENICE supports a broad range of genres, projects and workflows.

Is the FX6 good in low light?

If you like the Sony look, require a high-quality high frame rate capture and need great low light performance, the Sony FX6 is a great choice.

Can Sony FX6 record proxies?

There is a proxy recording mode as well, so you can record to a lower quality in 1080p on the second card.

Does FX6 shoot interlaced?

The FX9 has full interlaced recording and output at up to 50/ 60i while there is no interlaced internal recording on the FX6.

Does FX6 have dual ISO?

When shooting with S-Log3 the two base ISO’s of the FX6 are 800 and 12,800. This is a huge four stop or 16-times change in sensitivity. With these cameras there is a slightly larger difference in the noise levels between each base ISO.

Does Sony FX6 have dual ISO?

Does FX6 have built in ND? The FX6 features Sony’s unique built-in electronic Variable Neutral Density (ND) filter. Unlike conventional optical ND Filters, the electronic ND Filter on the FX6 can be controlled from 1/4ND to 1/128ND linearly, or set to auto.

Can the FX6 shoot S35? The FX6 does have an S35 mode, but it only shoots in 1080p because of the 4k ff sensor, so I’d never consider using it.

Does Sony FX6 have stabilization?

Is FX6 global shutter?

Sony FX6 claims to possess a fast readout which means the rolling shutter performance is exceptionally good. The Red Komodo is unique with its global shutter .

Comparison of sensors and video features.

Camera RAW Bit depth
Sony FX6 ProRes RAW 4K*, No RAW internally 16-bit^
Red Komodo Compressed Redcode RAW 12-bit

Dec 11, 2020

Does FX6 have autofocus?

Sony has released a firmware update for its Sony FX6 Cinema Line Camera. Firmware version 2.0 adds more advanced artificial intelligence (AI) based autofocus features and additional functions to improve professional workflows.

Can Sony FX6 take pictures?

Part of the Sony Cinema Line, the FX6 packs in a 10.2MP full-frame back-illuminated CMOS Exmor R sensor and Bionz XR image processor to create stunning 4K images up to 120p at 10-bit 4:2:2 color depth.

Does FX6 have scratch audio?

What’s stands out about the FX6 is its modularity. If you only want to attach the LCD and go, you can. If you want to put it on a car rig and strip everything down after setting your shot, it’s possible. If you’re not worried about audio, Sony still included an internal microphone on the camera body as a scratch track.

Does Sony FX6 shoot ProRes?

ProRes RAW over HDMI with the NINJA V/V+ when combined with Sony’s FX3 and FX6 supports 4.2K up to 60fps. The NINJA V+ Pro Kit/ NINJA V+ and SDI module with SDI RAW Activation further extends support for 4K up to 120fps. Those wishing SDI connectivity will need to add the SDI module to the NINJA V/V+, it said.

Can FX6 shoot raw?

The new update means that the FX6 will be the first camcorder to give users a choice between outputting a raw signal over SDI or HDMI according to needs.

Does FX6 shoot 4K 120? However, the bigger news is that the FX9 and the FX6 will support external 4K 120p RAW, and shooters will be able to record the format with the new Atomos recorder that’s set to launch next month.

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