What is the number 1 phone case brand?

What is the number 1 phone case brand?

Spigen is one of the most popular case brands on the market. It makes cases for pretty much everything from smartphones to laptops to earbuds..

How much should I pay for a phone case?

If you are looking for a good quality phone case that offers protection, you’ll be looking at cases from around $20 up to $100.

What’s best for phone protection?

Best phone case brands for protection

  • Gripzilla Armor.
  • OtterBox Symmetry Currys.
  • Griffin Survivor Amazon.
  • Speck Gemshell John Lewis.
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro clear case Apple.
  • Spigen Slim Armor Amazon.
  • Samsung Clear View Samsung.
  • Loam & Lore Mint Green case Loam & Lore.

What can you do with old phone cases?

What To Do With Old Phone Cases

  • Donate Gently-Used Phone Cases. One great thing to do with old phone cases is to donate them to a local thrift store.
  • Sell Them Online.
  • Give Them To a Friend.
  • Repurpose Them.
  • Recycle Them.
  • TerraCycle PopSockets® Recycling Program.

Where can I buy phone cases online?

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best phone case websites to shop at in 2021.


Should you keep old phone cases?

Use your old phone case as long as you can.

Anyone who uses the phone is going to need a case. Though, we understand that some kids might be more interested in finding a case that speaks to their own interests and preferences than using your old secondhand one. Either way, if you can keep using the case, do so.

Who will buy old phone cases?

With RECASETiFY, we give our waste a second life — and give customers like you an easy way to recycle old cases — through TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box™ program.

How many phone cases are thrown away every year?

1.5 billion phone cases are thrown away each year. That’s a lot of plastic waste.

Is Case-Mate as good as Otterbox? Casemate Translucent Protection Case & Otterbox Pursuit Case Comparison. Both cases have nearly the same design cut-outs for the camera although the cut-outs on Casemate is thicker, both have that clear back, but both have $30 difference.

What case is better than OtterBox?

Best Otterbox Alternatives: 12 Durable Cases Like Otterbox

Survivor Cases Check on Amazon
Lifeproof Check on Amazon
Casetify Check on Amazon
Speck Cases Check on Amazon

How do you make a homemade phone case?

Cut a sheet of parchment paper that’s about twice the size of your phone. Place your phone on top, with the screen facing up. Wrap the paper over the side edges of your phone, then secure them with a piece of tape. Wrap the top and bottom edges, and secure them with tape as well.

Is Spigen as good as Otterbox?

Most users agree that while OtterBoxes feel like they would protect their phone from anything and everything, they’re way too thick to be comfortable. Spigen cases, on the other hand, often also feel solid, but aren’t nearly as thick as an OtterBox, generally making them more comfortable for the average user.

Is a LifeProof case worth it?

Why is CASETiFY so popular?

For all their products, they have customization options so that their customers can personalize their items. The customization options CASETiFY offers vary based on the item, device, and case. Some common options are the print/design of the case, the type of case, the case’s color, and the addition of text and photos.

Is Case-Mate good? CONCLUSIONS. Case-Mate does not disappoint with the Tough Speckled case for the iPhone 11 Pro. All of the cases in their Tough line are remarkable, but the Speckled still remains my personal favorite because of it’s unique, but subtle style.

How can I protect my phone without a case? To protect your phone’s screen from cracks and scratches, you can install a very thin screen protector, which is a transparent piece of glass or plastic that sticks to the surface of your smartphone’s screen. Screen protectors are usually less expensive than cases as well, which is another advantage.

How do you make a beginner phone case?

Is OtterBox still the best?

BEST OVERALL: OtterBox Symmetry

Otterbox has been making protective cases for the iPhone since 2007, but its Symmetry series strikes the right balance between safety and a slim size.

Is Speck a good case?

Good Quality

Like all Speck products, they make great quality cases. This clear case is great because it allows you to show your phone’s color and design. The back is a hard clear polycarbonate material and the buttons are clear TPU.

Is LifeProof better than Otterbox?

LifeProof and OtterBox are both smartphone cases designed to protect against drops and water damage. While Lifeproof only manufactures cases for iPhones and other Apple products, Otterbox is available for Android smartphones as well.

Comparison chart.

LifeProof OtterBox
Weight 1 ounce 4.1 ounces

What case is better than LifeProof?

The Catalyst is more expensive, but with that upfront cost comes the best waterproof rating you can find and a slimmer case than Lifeproof. However, The Lifeproof Fre gives you more options when it comes to colour, and additional accessories that you can buy that works with its Lifeproof Fre case.

What if your phone breaks in an Otterbox?

To submit a warranty claim, visit or call 1-855-688-7269. Any warranty claims must be made by customer no later than sixty (60) calendar days after the expiration of the applicable Warranty Period.

Is a hard case or soft case better for a cell phone?

Hard plastic is considered to be the best protective cover for a phone case. The polycarbonate plastic used to make it is the best plastic to use for phone cases. It’s tough and lasting and protects your phone from unwanted scratches.

How often should you change your phone case?

Hard plastic cases could last a lifetime because plastic does not die. It’s forever and eventually becomes permanent waste. It can serve its purpose to protect your phone from scratches and dents for five years. That’s if they chip or fall causing an early phone case retirement.

Are plastic or silicone case better for phones? Although plastics come in a wide range, generally, the ones used for phone cases are harder. A silicone case will, therefore, lend a softer touch, which is generally very pleasant. Silicone’s rubbery texture also tends to be very grippy, good for those butterfingers among us.

How do you make a sock phone case?

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