What mic stand does the Blue Yeti use?


Custom designed for the Yeti and Yeti Pro microphones, Radius III is compatible with standard microphone stands and also works with virtually any microphone or mic clip that has a standard thread mount..

What screw does Blue Yeti use?

Specialty – This 5/8″ Male to 3/8″ Female thread adapter is designed for most mic stand on the market, such as Blue Yeti mic, Blue Yeti X mic, Neewer boom arm, Blue Snowball Ice Mic, Blue Radius III shock mount.

What does Blue Yeti shock mount do?

A shock mount is essentially a tool that forms an attachment between the Blue Yeti and its stand. It is absorbent and shields the microphones from vibrations and noise that come through the surface or mic stand.

How do you fix a broken Blue Yeti?

What is the thread size for the Blue Yeti Nano?

The base has a canal to thread the USB cable through for a tidy look. On the bottom of the mic, there’s a quarter-inch thread mount that allows for connecting to various camera tripods—the included 0.75-inch screw-in adapter allows for connection to any standard mic stand.

Do Blue yetis have a warranty?

Blue Microphones warrants its hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of TWO (2) YEARS from the date of original retail purchase, provided the purchase was made from an authorized Blue Microphones dealer.

Will any cable work with Blue Yeti?

Yeti uses a standard mini USB cable. You can purchase a replacement from our site here:… It takes a micro setting, not a mini.

What is the difference between Blue Yeti and Nano?

The Nano is a significantly smaller and more streamlined microphone than the older Yeti Pro. Its small stature is the first thing you notice when you take it out of the packaging – at only 4.39 x 3.78 x 8.31 inches, the microphone and the stand is smaller than other microphones I have without stands.

Is Yeti Nano good for singing? This month I’m looking at the Blue Yeti X’s smaller sibling, the Blue Yeti Nano. This beautifully made condenser microphone and provides a rich and deep sound that’s perfect for recording musical instruments, vocals, podcasts or broadcast interviews.

How do you use a Blue Yeti boom arm?

How do you unscrew a Blue Yeti?

How can I make my Blue Yeti stream better?

The Blue Yeti microphone features several different options to achieve the optimal sound that you desire.

  1. Pattern. The microphone boasts different pattern modes.
  2. Volume.
  3. Gain.
  4. Mute.
  5. Add a pop filter to the microphone.
  6. Get a solid boom arm.
  7. Add a shock mount to the microphone.
  8. Noise gate.

How do I make my Blue Yeti sound better on discord?

The Blue Yeti sounds bad on Discord if it isn’t configured correctly or if a Discord microphone feature isn’t working as intended. Ensure that the Blue Yeti’s gain is balanced, the microphone is straight up, and you set the sound mode to Cardioid. Also, disable all Discord microphone features.

Can you remove Blue Yeti mic from the stand?

Yes. The mic unscrews from the stand and can be put on a compatible arm.

How long is Blue Yeti warranty? According to the manufacturer’s website, the Blue Yeti is “guaranteed to remain free from operating defects for two (2) years from the date of purchase.

Can a microphone be repaired? With a few tools and attention to detail, you can repair your cell phone’s microphone at home. A broken cell phone microphone can be inconvenient at the very least and render your expensive mobile device nearly useless.

What does a boom arm do?

A “boom arm” attaches to the top of the stand so the microphone can move in the horizontal plane. A guitar player, for example, might use this to place the microphone directly in front of his mouth without having the upright portion of the stand in the way of the guitar.

How close should you be to a Blue Yeti?

If you have a desktop microphone stand like the one that comes with the Blue Yeti, simply place your microphone on your desktop, roughly 6 to 12 inches away. A simple way to ensure you always place your microphone the proper distance away is to remember to hang loose.

What mic stand does Joe Rogan use?

The mic stands/boom arms used in the Joe Rogan Experience podcast are Yellowtek M! KA. The Yellowtek M! KA microphone stand is a professional broadcast standard like the Shure SM7B microphones used on the JRE podcast.

Do you need a mic boom?

The boom mic is ideal thanks to the fact that it is directional. That means it captures the sound coming from whatever it is facing (i.e. your speaker) and cancels out all other sound. Whenever possible, you want to use a boom mic for your interview setups in order to capture the clearest audio.

Where should I put my boom arm?

Can I use a boom arm without a shock mount?

The first reason you need a microphone shock mount is a very simple one. It allows you to mount your microphone onto a mic stand or a boom arm. Microphone clips and microphone mounts can do this job as well. A microphone shock mount can be mounted onto a mic stand or a boom arm.

Does Blue Yeti Nano need a shock mount?

Even slight vibrations can produce disruptive noises in your recordings so it’s important to use a shock mount to eliminate as much vibration and mechanical noise as possible. Enter the Knox Gear Blue Yeti Nano Microphone Shock Mount (Black).

How long is a Blue Yeti warranty? According to the manufacturer’s website, the Blue Yeti is “guaranteed to remain free from operating defects for two (2) years from the date of purchase.

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