When did the iPad MINI 6 come out?

iPad Mini (6th generation)

Also known as iPad mini 6
Generation 6th
Release date September 24, 2021
Operating system iPadOS 15
System on a chip A15 Bionic with 64-bit architecture and embedded motion co-processor


Do iPad MINI 5 cases fit 6?

NO. The older iPad Mini 5 is the older MIni design from 2012. It is a much bigger device with a totally different shape. You need to purchase case/covers that are, SPECIFICALLY, for the 2021 iPad Mini 6th generation.

Is iPad mini 6 waterproof?

The Waterproof case can take your iPads for dives of up to 2m for the duration of up to 30mins. it Can take pictures underwater.

Compatible Phone Models IPad Mini 6 8.3” 2021
Color Waterproof

Are the iPad mini 5 and 6 the same size?

iPad mini 6 vs iPad mini 5: Design

In terms of size and weight, the two devices are similar. The iPad mini 5 measures 203.2mm x 134.8mm x 6.1mm and weighs 300.5g or 308.2g, depending on the model. The iPad mini 6, meanwhile, is 195.4mm x 134.8mm x 6.3mm and weighs between 293g and 297g.

Are all iPad minis the same size for cases?

Because there is only one model of the iPad mini to date, any case designed for the mini will fit your mini, no matter what carrier or version you have.

Is iPad mini 6 worth?

Even if you already own the 5th-generation iPad mini, I think it’s a worthwhile upgrade. You get a much faster tablet, support for a much better pencil, a larger display, and 5G connectivity as an option. That makes the iPad mini 6 a pretty good upgrade over the older mini models.

Is the iPad mini 6 smaller?

Does iPad mini 6 have a home button?

Since there’s no Home button, the ‌iPad mini‌ uses a Touch ID power button, which works well. It’s just like the ‌Touch ID‌ power button on the ‌iPad Air‌, and it’s identical to the ‌Touch ID‌ Home buttons we used for years before Apple started the transition to Face ID.

How do you measure your iPad for a case? Measure from the screen’s bottom left corner to its top right corner. Make sure you are measuring from the screen’s corners rather than the iPad’s outer corners. The ruler should be placed diagonally on the screen. On Apple’s website the iPad screen size is measured in inches so make note of your measurement in inches.

Is iPad mini 6 worth buying?

The iPad mini 6 is ideal for reading. My only complaint about the iPad mini 6 is storage. It comes with a base 64GB, which is really on the the low end of what’s useful these days. I would have happily paid extra for an upgrade to 128GB, but that’s not an option.

How do I know what model iPad mini I have?

Look on the back of your iPad. Open Settings, tap General, then tap About. Look for the model number in the top section.

How long can iPad mini 6 last?

iPad mini 6 (2021) review: Battery life

The iPad mini 6 lasted 10 hours and 56 minutes on our Wi-Fi-based battery test (constant web browsing at 150 nits until the tablet dies), which is impressive when you think of how many pixels there are to illuminate.

What is the purpose of iPad mini 6?

Writing, note taking, and artistry. In addition to reading, the iPad mini 6 is also a more capable note-taking device, thanks to the arrival of second-generation Apple Pencil support.

What size is an iPad mini case?


Model Name Release Date Screen Size
iPad mini (5th generation) 3/18/2019 7.9-in
iPad mini 4 9/9/2015 7.9-in
iPad mini 3 10/22/2014 7.9-in
iPad mini 2 11/12/2013 7.9-in

What sizes are iPad minis? The iPad Mini (branded and marketed as iPad mini) is a line of mini tablet computers designed, developed, and marketed by Apple Inc. It is a sub-series of the iPad line of tablets, with screen sizes of 7.9 inches and 8.3 inches.

How long should an iPad last? As a rule of thumb, if your iPad is more than five years old, you’ll probably notice slower performance. On the other hand, you could be happily using an iPad from six or seven years ago with no major problems. To get an idea of how long your iPad should last, start by identifying your iPad model.

How many versions of iPad minis are there? Apple has currently released five major iterations of the iPad mini; the first three having three variants and the fourth and fifth having two.

Will there be an iPad mini 6 in 2021?

iPad mini (2021) release date and price

The new iPad mini (iPad mini 6) was revealed alongside the iPhone 13 range at Apple’s launch event on September 14, 2021 and it came out in the US, UK and Australia 10 days later.

Is 64GB enough for iPad mini 6?

The 64 GB should be fine, especially since you’ll have internet access nearly everywhere you go with the cellular option. If you need media that’s not on the device, you can pull it (from the cloud).

Does iPad mini 6 have wireless charging?

Can you use the iPad mini 6 as a phone?

The iPad mini isn’t a phone, but it can get pretty close to one. While the iPad mini can’t make phone calls or send SMS messages directly, as long as you’ve got your iPhone handy, you can forward all your calls and texts to the iPad mini, turning into an extension of your phone.

How much will the iPad mini 6 cost?

The iPad mini 6 starts at $499 for the base Wi-Fi model and $649 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model .

Apple iPad mini 6 price and storage options.

Model Storage Price
iPad mini 6 (Wi-Fi) 64GB $499
iPad mini 6 (Wi-Fi) 256GB $649
iPad mini 6 (Wi-Fi + Cellular) 64GB $649
iPad mini 6 (Wi-Fi + Cellular) 256GB $799

Mar 7, 2022

Can iPad mini 6 charge wirelessly?

Does iPad mini 6 has Face ID?

However, Apple didn’t replace it with Face ID on the iPad mini 6. Instead, it integrated the Touch ID sensor into the button at the top, just like it did with the iPad Air 2020 model. This makes sense because the iPad mini 6 is a budget-oriented device, and Face ID hardware is expensive.

Is the iPad mini 6 4K? The iPad mini 6 also records in 4K, supports Smart HDR 3 (just like the iPhone 12), and has a 12MP main camera. Really, no one can judge a parent taking photos or recording videos with this iPad.

What generation iPad mini is out?

The most recent iPad Mini is the 6th-generation model that was announced and released in September 2021.

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