Can Uber drivers smoke in their car?

From what I can gather, the general consensus among drivers is that smoking in their own vehicle would be bad for ratings, and thus, bad for business. But Uber does not specifically prohibit smoking. Lyft does have a no smoking policy listed on their guidelines..

Can you record your Uber ride?

At the beginning of a trip, riders and drivers can enable this feature by clicking the shield icon in the app’s Safety Toolkit and selecting “Record Audio.” While both riders and drivers can record individual trips, drivers have the option to leave the feature on while they’re actively seeking rides.

Can you drink in Uber black?

Uber asks that you not bring open containers of alcohol into an Uber car. However, ten states allow Uber Black passengers to either consume or possess an open container of alcohol: Alaska.

Does Uber app listen to your conversations?

Thankfully though, it won’t be Uber listening in on your conversations (at least that’s what they claim) and rather recordings will be saved on your device (though you will need to authorise the app to access your microphone) and only sent through to the company should you request it, which will allow them to obviously

Can Uber drivers play music?

Uber drivers can now play ad-free music through the Uber partner app with Pandora. * Whether you’re on or off trip, your favorite music is just a tap away.

Should Uber drivers help with luggage?

The short answer is yes, they are able to help with luggage, and will sometimes offer to assist you if you’re struggling with heavy bags. The long answer is, sometimes, if they’re comfortable handling your personal items. Uber drivers are never required to ask if you need help or assist you with your luggage.

What is a bad rating on Uber?

What is a Bad Uber Rider Rating? Bad would be a score below 4.7. Some drivers may consider 4.7 to be bad as well depending on their own personal preference. If you have a score below 4.7, consider your past few Uber experiences.

What should an Uber driver wear?

Can riders request an Uber driver? The short answer is, unfortunately, no. According to Uber, passengers can’t put in a request for a specific driver. When someone puts in a ride request through the Uber app, their software searches for the closest drivers and sends them the ride to accept.

Can you kiss in Uber?

Uber lists community guidelines on its website, which specify that “you shouldn’t touch or flirt with other people in the car,” and that there’s “no sexual conduct with drivers or fellow riders, no matter what.” But both Iovine and Pichl say they kissed once, and were not touching inappropriately.

Is the Uber driver supposed to say your name?

Are Uber drivers supposed to ask for your name? Yes. The rideshare company’s terms of service clearly state that a driver should always confirm the name of their passenger before giving their own name. Remember, all an Uber has to work with is the name supplied on the rider’s account.

Can I carry gas cylinder in Uber?

Yes and No. Some will refuse while some will accept & it will depend on you. It is better to ask them before they reach for pick-up. And if you want to carry it any-how then just ask them to reach at your pick-up point & once they reach inform them about your luggage.

Do you sit in back or front of Uber?

Whenever possible, sit in the back seat, especially if you’re riding alone. This helps ensure that you can safely exit on either side of the vehicle to avoid moving traffic, and it gives you and your driver some personal space.

How do Uber drivers greet?

Why is Uber so expensive compared to LYFT? Surge and high traffic times are the most important for comparing fares. Uber calculates its surge prices with a multiplier model, while Lyft uses a percentage-based formula. This means that the price for the same ride could have a very different price on each app.

Can car carry full LPG cylinder? Originally Answered: Is it safe to carry an LPG gas cylinder in a car? Yes. In fact, lots of cars in india & globally use LPG fuel kept in on board cylinders.

Can I carry empty LPG cylinder in car? It is absolutely safe. You may have observed the vehicles transporting LPG cylinders wherein several cylinders are stacked side by side and one above the other.

Can I bring unopened alcohol in an Uber?

Open Container Laws in California

Alcohol containers can be carried in a vehicle, but they must be sealed and unopened. Otherwise, they are to be stored in the trunk or in a place where drivers cannot reach them while the vehicle is in motion.

How much do you tip your Uber?

Julia Boyd, an international etiquette consultant, agreed. For U.S. rides, she recommends tipping between 15 and 20 percent for exceptional service, 10 to 15 for good service, and 10 percent for average service. “Many Uber trips can be more expensive than a standard cab.

What is a luxury Uber?

Uber Lux is a top-of-the-line black car service. Uber Lux passengers can request a high-end vehicle with a professional driver. This luxury option is the most upscale ride that Uber offers.

Can my husband ride with me while I Uber?

As outlined in our Community Guidelines, no one other than the requesting rider and the rider’s guests are permitted in the vehicle. This means that friends and family of drivers may not ride in their vehicle during a trip. See our Community Guidelines for more details.

Why is Uber Black cheaper than Uber?

Because UberBLACK vehicles must meet more specific requirements (and because the vehicles are more expensive and luxurious), the number of UberBLACK rides available is going to be less than UberX. On the other hand, the expensive and exclusive nature of UberBLACK means less competition for rides compared to UberX.

Why is Uber telling me to buckle up?

“The intent is really just to help remind riders that they should be buckling up – every seat, every time,” said Kristin Smith, Uber’s head of Global Road Safety Policy, who added the chime “sounds kind of like an airplane seat belt reminder.”

Do Uber record phone calls?

Recordings will be stored on the rider or drivers phone and encrypted to protect privacy, and users will not be able to listen to them. They can later share a recording with Uber, which will have an encryption key, if they want to report a problem.

Why does Uber need access to my camera? For instance, Uber says it requires camera access to enable a feature that allows users to enter payment information by snapping a picture of a credit card. Lyft says it needs the camera to take profile photos.

Can gas cylinders be transported lying down?

NEVER transport flammable gas cylinders lying down. Ventilation is the key to reducing the risk of a fire or explosion. An open vehicle such as a utility provides the best ventilation and avoids the risks of gas accumulation.

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