Does SPYPOINT use AT&T or Verizon?

Does SPYPOINT use AT&T or Verizon?

Spypoint CELL-LINK Overview

The Cell-Link simply plugs into a cam’s memory card slot and then transmits its photos to your phone, using the AT&T wireless network..

What CELL carrier does SPYPOINT use?

The LINK-MICRO-LTE from SPYPOINT pairs the most popular cellular trail camera in years with the ultra-reliable LTE cellular network.

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SIM card Preactivated included
Photos transmission Yes
Camera fully configurable via the SPYPOINT App

Does the SPYPOINT app cost money?

No fees. No commitment. Need more? SPYPOINT offers the only free photo transmission plan for cellular devices, but if you need more than 100 photos sent per month, you can choose the paid plan that fits your needs.

Do SPYPOINT cameras work without CELL service?

For 2020, all SPYPOINT mobile scouting devices are LTE-capable. While they are capable of connecting to other networks, they will always work to be on the most capable network that provides you with the best performance in the field, saving battery life and getting you your images in a reliable manner.

Do SPYPOINT cameras come with SIM card?

You purchase the photo transmission plans directly with SPYPOINT, which makes it simpler than many cellular camera providers. Each unit comes with a pre-activated SIM card, making the activation a simple 3-step process.

Can you turn a regular trail camera into a cellular camera?

[Universal Compatibility] Connect virtually any trail camera to the CELL-LINK to turn it into a cellular device .


Network LTE
Photos transmission Yes
Camera fully configurable via the SPYPOINT App

Can I make my SPYPOINT take a picture?

Yes, the camera will continue to take photos and overwrite the oldest photos on the card.

Are SPYPOINT cell cams good?

I think the quality is just fine for a trail camera. Even the night photos come out nice! Since buying it, a couple friends decided to try it and they are happy with it. I definitely recommend this camera!

How many batteries does a SPYPOINT camera take? The camera can be powered by 8 AA batteries (1.5 V).

What network does Spypoint link-micro-LTE use?

Measuring just 4.4 x 3.1 x 2.2″, the LINK-MICRO-LTE transmits 10MP photos via AT&T LTE data plans.

How long does SPYPOINT battery last?

We recommend charging the battery pack for a maximum of 12 hours. The 12V is an external battery pack that provides an extra-long life to most of our device models. It can be used in addition to AA batteries or the SPYPOINT lithium battery packs, as a supplemental source of power.

How many SPYPOINT cameras can you have on one plan?

How many cameras can I run on one data plan? A data plan is only valid for one camera at a time.

How can I get better reception with my SPYPOINT camera?

Try positioning the antenna at a different angle. Try using a long-range cellular antenna (#CA-01). Make sure to test the signal outdoors or next to a window. Try installing your SPYPOINT cellular device in a different location, so it can try connecting to a different cellular tower.

Does the Spypoint link Micro take night pictures?

How Good is the SpyPoint Link Micro Camera? I am not going to lie – I was impressed. It takes a lot to impress me with a trail camera these days, too. It takes really good pictures during the day and good ones at night too.

How much does it cost to add trail cam to Verizon? Though Spartan has data plans available for several service providers, the Verizon Spartan GoCam LTE is their first certified cellular trail camera plan. Verizon options include: 500MB data for one month at $15.99.

How much does it cost to run a SPYPOINT camera? If you are getting thousands of pictures every month, you need the Spypoint premium plan. This plan allows you to transmit an unlimited amount of images per month. This plan costs $15 per month, or $10 per month if paid annually. Club members can get this plan for $12 a month, or $8 a month if paid annually.

What carrier does Spypoint link-micro-LTE use?

Spypoint LINK-MICRO-LTE-V Overview

Measuring just 4.4 x 3.1 x 2.2″, the LINK-MICRO-LTE-V transmits 10MP photos via Verizon LTE data plans.

Do all cellular trail cameras require a subscription?

Cellular wildlife game cameras with micro SD cards (slot) store locally all recorded images and videos without subscription fees. You can view those images and videos remotely via phones.

How many cameras are on the SPYPOINT plan?

How many cameras can I run on one data plan? A data plan is only valid for one camera at a time.

How often do SPYPOINT cameras communicate?

Each device, when turned ON, should communicate at least once every day. If you have missed 4 or more consecutive communications, you will need to access your device to troubleshoot.

Are cellular trail cameras worth it?

To put it simply, yes. These trail cameras are worth it for anyone who regularly relies on them for hunting, wildlife watching and photography or home security. For a long time, using a trail camera involved weekly or monthly treks to it to retrieve your SD card that — with any luck — was filled with clear thumbnails.

Will SPYPOINT work with WiFi?

The WiFi setup is done with the camera LCD and pushbotton controls, and won’t accept a key that has spaces in it. Spypoint WiFi only uploads in 640×480 (full size images are stored on the camera) and requires that you have an agent running on a Windows PC to accept uploads (a proprietary network protocol is used).

Does SPYPOINT use 3G or 4G?

It’s all about the cellular networks upgrading to 5G, and soon will not have 3G service any longer. He said SPYPOINT uses Verizon 3G service.

How much is Spypoint Cell Link a month? Fees range from a free plan for 100 photos a month to $15 per month (month-to-month, $10 with annual contract) for unlimited images. The Cell-Link is powered by eight AA batteries and requires a user-supplied microSD card.

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