How do you use Lensbaby Velvet 28?


What is a Lensbaby Composer?

The Lensbaby Composer is basically a ball and socket with a lens set installed in the front (ball) portion of the assembly. To move the sharp-focused area around in the frame, the lens elements are pivoted on the ball. Friction on the ball is controlled by the rear black-ribbed ring that fine-click-stops into place.

What is the difference between Composer Pro and Composer Pro II?

The differences between the three generations of Composers are incremental improvements – more metal parts, smoother tilt and focus, as well as slightly less tilt in the Composer Pro II (which prevents accidentally tilting so far that nothing is in focus, making it a good thing to have less tilt.)

How do you use Lensbaby Sweet 50?

How do you use a Lensbaby Sweet 35?

How do I change Lensbaby optics?

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