What do you mean by trigger?

What do you mean by trigger?

1a : to release or activate by means of a trigger especially : to fire by pulling a mechanical trigger trigger a rifle. b : to cause the explosion of trigger a missile with a proximity fuse. 2 : to initiate, actuate, or set off by a trigger an indiscreet remark that triggered a fight a stimulus that triggered a reflex..

What is a photo trigger?

An image trigger initiates the capture of single or multiple frames of a digital camera by analysing the signals of its sensor. For capturing and analysing of fast moving objects (e.g. as in quality control of production lines) modern high speed cameras are frequently used.

What is a fire trigger?

Firing triggers tell tags when to fire. A tag will fire when the conditions for any one of its triggers are met. For example, if a tag has two triggers, one for all pages and another for only one specific page, the tag will always fire on all pages. Triggers are set at the bottom of any tag configuration page.

How do I sync trigger and flash?

What is shutter trigger in camera?

In photography, the shutter-release button (sometimes just shutter release or shutter button) is a push-button found on many cameras, used to record photographs.

How do you connect a trigger?

How do you use Godox wireless flash trigger?

How do I trigger flash remotely?

How do you trigger 2 cameras at the same time? Multiple cameras can be fired at the same time by plugging cables into the remote release socket of each camera and wiring these together to a master switch.

What is trigger and its types?

A trigger defines a set of actions that are performed in response to an insert, update, or delete operation on a specified table. When such an SQL operation is executed, the trigger is said to have been activated. Triggers are optional and are defined using the CREATE TRIGGER statement.

What is external trigger for camera?

See3CAM_CU135 USB cameras having External trigger options, which is used to capture the image and helps in synchronized streaming by connecting two or multiple cameras. The external trigger can be operated in the two modes.

What are the 3 types of triggers?

SQL Server has three types of triggers:

  • DML (Data Manipulation Language) Triggers.
  • DDL (Data Definition Language) Triggers.
  • Logon Triggers.

What are two types of triggers?

Types of Triggers

  • Row Triggers and Statement Triggers.
  • BEFORE and AFTER Triggers.
  • INSTEAD OF Triggers.
  • Triggers on System Events and User Events.

What is flash on a camera?

The flash is a device that emits light momentarily. You can use the flash’s light to compensate for the lack of brightness when shooting in dimly lit situations like indoors or night scenes. Thanks to the instant exposure, using the flash can also be effective to prevent camera shake and subject blur.

What is a remote trigger? When an avalanche releases some distance away from the trigger point. Someone does not need to be on the avalanche to trigger the avalanche. Especially in a snowpack with high propagation potential, a person can initiate a fracture from some distance away. We call these “remote” triggers.

What is a hardware trigger? Software Trigger | External Hardware Trigger. Anything that causes data collection to begin is known as a trigger. It may be as simple as pressing a button in software. Hardware equipment may also generate a trigger signal, which needs to be fed directly into the data acquisition interface.

What is triggering circuit?

An electronic circuit that generates or modifies an existing waveform to produce a pulse of short time duration with a fast-rising leading edge. This waveform, or trigger, is normally used to initiate a change of state of some relaxation device, such as a multivibrator.

Which are 3 basic parts of a trigger?

A trigger has three basic parts:

  • a triggering event or statement.
  • a trigger restriction.
  • a trigger action.

What is triggering in electrical?

Triggering means turning ON of a device from its off state. Turning ON of a thyristor refers to thyristor triggering. Thyristor is turned on by increasing the anode current flowing through it. The increase in anode current can be achieved by many ways.

How does triggering work?

Triggering is the process of capturing a waveform based on various criteria you specify. The trigger makes repetitive waveforms appear static on the oscilloscope display by capturing at the same point in the signal and repeatedly overwriting the signal with itself.

What is a trigger input?

What is an example of a trigger?

Triggers are anything that might cause a person to recall a traumatic experience they’ve had. For example, graphic images of violence might be a trigger for some people. Less obvious things, including songs, odors, or even colors, can also be triggers, depending on someone’s experience.

What is a Hellfire switch?

A Hell-Fire trigger is a device that allows a semi-automatic firearm to fire at a rate approaching that of a fully automatic firearm.

What are the 3 types of smoke detectors? There are three types of smoke alarms, ionization, photoelectric and a combination of the two which is commonly called a “dual” detector.

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