Where are 7Artisans lenses made?

Where are 7Artisans lenses made?

7Artisans is a lens manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Founded by a group of camera enthusiasts in 2015, 7Artisans made its name with a range of affordable, very fast aperture manual focus prime lenses for mirrorless mounts, including Leica M..

Does 7Artisans lens have autofocus?

7Artisans 35mm f/0.95 – Conclusion

Not only do they have autofocus but they provide a better experience shooting the full aperture range of a lens.

Are all 7artisans lenses manual focus?

A versatile and compact prime, the Sony E-mount 35mm f/2 from 7artisans is an all-manual lens well-suited for street, reportage, and everyday shooting requiring a natural field of view.

Who is Ttartisans?

TTArtisan | Quality Optics

TTArtisan was established in 2019 in Shenzhen China. As a young but with rich experience company, TTArtisan devotes itself to lens manufacturing, R&D and sales.

Is 7artisans the same as TTArtisan?

The colors appear very differently. With the same white balance, the TTArtisan image is more slightly to green, where as the 7Artisan tends to be blue / purple. You have to keep this in mind during post-processing. If you stop the aperture down on both of them, they become much sharper especially towards the edge.

What is 7artisans photoelectric?

7artisans Photoelectric lenses are known for being extremely affordable, offer very good build quality quality, and optical character for the money in my opinion. They are all fully manual and mostly APS-C lenses although 3 full frame e-mount lenses are currently available.

Are TTArtisan lenses good?

In addition to being very nicely made, it has great Bokeh and Sunstars. While native to the timeless (1953-today) LEICA M mount, it’s trivial to adapt this lens to every mirrorless camera, and in some cases, even add autofocus when used on Nikon Z! As a LEICA M mount lens, of course it’s manual-focus only.

Who makes Artisan lenses?

The #1 backup lens in complicated cataract cases.

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